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In February we lost our little brother to suicide. while we've been dealing with the loss, We want to bring awareness to a situation that isn't as talked about. In doing so we've created these pieces to help us deal with the grieving and be able to give to a community that needs.

my brother touched a lot of lives with his infectious smile, bear hugs, positive attitude and his silliness. Always putting a smile on other peoples faces. while we've been dealing with the loss, we received an out pour of messages of love & stories. in light of the situation we want to shed light to situations that aren't spoken about enough. We have found two organizations that will be receiving the profits from these items, that we believe will help in giving people the chance to keep on going. all profits will be donated in my brothers name: Nathan is for kids 12-24 is Canadian wide. 


Please help us raise as much as possible :) 

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