Wilder Amour Studio

Cozy, sunlit, and simply styled studio

Located right downtown Victoria, BC in our retail location.

The décor is purposefully minimal, bright with adding greenery. Beautiful large windows for natural light and high ceilings. 200 sqft studio. 

We have created this space for pop-up events, photographers and small meetings. Let us know your plans & we will see if it's a match. 

Book the Loft : contact us at wilderamour@gmail.com



- Bookings are available between 8am–8pm

(If you need other times please message and ask.)

- Overnight bookings are not available
- Event capacity is 5 people (more must be discussed)
- We are pet friendly, please let us know. 
- Access to the Studio is stairs or elevator (we are on the second floor)
- The Studio is a pop up project, booking two months in advance at a time
- The address to the Loft is only provided upon booking


 **Please specify what you are booking for. 


Photography & Media:

Minimum 1 hour slots. 

                                         $50/hr - $300 (full day)


           Minimum 1 hour slots. 

                                         $50/hr - $300 (full day)


          POP- UP Events:  please contact for price.


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